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A Closer Look At Numerology Readings

Numerology reading is an ancient practice with spiritual significance that was first practiced by ancient Greek ancestors in Mesoamerica. This belief or practice was anchored on the fact that almost everything in this world revolves around numbers. As such, numerology numbers are sacred and alive and are used to predict the life path of an individual. Numerology takes your name and breaks it down into single digits. These numbers range from 1-9, and each of them is believed to have its tendencies. The resultant number obtained can be used to reveal your personality.

Understanding Numerology meanings

It is believed that odd numbers are masculine whereas even ones triple eightare feminine. Well, this is not all about the gender, but some distinct traits associated with either gender. As such, it is possible to find these two tendencies in both sexes. This explains why you might find a woman with masculine tendencies and vice versa. For a fact, the fact that some women have very masculine traits explains why the world as it seems to be out of balance, where the male child feels threatened in a way.

The shift in numerology started some 100 years ago with the world’s women movement. As such, women empowerment and related activities are the forces behind the turmoil we are experiencing today. As our consciousness shift, so do the numerological meanings. Numerology numbers range from 1 – 9. Numerologists also work with 11 and 22, which can be reduced to 2 and 4 respectively.

Comparing numerology to astrology

mirroring faceAs much numerology is based on your name, which could be your current name or the one in the birth certificate, you will be surprised to find numerological readings in harmony with your astrological readings. In most instances, the tendencies suggested by numerology can be reinforced by astrological meanings. This explains that there is more that it meets the eye when it comes to reading personality charts.

In attempts to describe our life paths, numerological readings shed light on both our strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, you need to take note of these two situations and use your strengths to your advantage, since you can change things by working on your shortcomings. As such, numerology readings are not cast in stone and should not be considered as a verdict. You can use them as a tool to help you understand and guide your life to happiness, peace, and love.