Best places to visit in Singapore

Best Places to Visit and Enjoy in Singapore

Singapore is one of the richest and most populous cities in the world, so much so that the trees lining the main streets are planted at intervals of only 20 meters. It is also one of the safest cities in the world, thanks in part to the area’s two biggest pastimes: shopping and eating. It’s very safe to wander the city streets after dark, as they are well-lit and always full of shoppers and diners. If you think you’ve run out of budget and don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy Singapore at its finest, you can always take out a loan from the licensed money lender singapore. Everywhere you go, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, eateries, and street vendors with wine cellars. But food and shopping aren’t all this city has to offer.

Best places to visit in Singapore

The Merlion Statue

The Merlion is a symbol of Singapore’s mystical creature. It’s a mermaid and a lion. It stands at 8.6 meters high and it used to be located at the mouth of the Singapore River. The Merlion is located in Merlion Park near several trendy restaurants at One Fullerton and can be seen in adjacent areas around the Marina Bay waterfront. A Merlion Cub statue has been added to the new Merlion Park in recent decades, and the two figures are separated by feet.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Located on the outskirts of Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in this country. The main shrine was founded in 1827 by South Indian business pioneer Naraina Pillai and is dedicated to Mariamman, the Hindu goddess of the rain. Over time, the entire complex also became a comprehensive community association for Tamil Hindus in Singapore. In recent decades, Sri Mariamman Temple has become famous for its annual firewalk (timiti), an extreme ritual that usually takes place in October. For vacationers, the most fascinating feature of this ancient Singaporean monument is probably the six-story Dravidian Gopuram that crowns its entrance. For those familiar with Hindu mythology, there are many significant Hindu deities and legends to discover in this amazing pagoda.

Peranakan Museum

At the Peranakan Museum, this fascinating mix is presented through streamlined and atmospheric displays. Of course, the term Peranakan itself is another term for the culture of the straits settlement. Among the largest museums in Singapore, you can visit all the exhibits here in an hour. The short L-shaped walk between the two museums is a five-minute stroll. You can enjoy many awesome hybrid cultural items here.

Changi International Airport

Changi International Airport is one of the world’s leading airports and has countless awards to its credit. It is fully equipped with facilities for all types of travelers, from infants to adults with special needs. Passengers with a layover of more than 5 hours can sign up for a free city tour. You can also enjoy local delights at the Singapore Food Street at Terminal 3, however, the food is not up to my estimation. Entrance booth before using the meal card. First-timers will find this system odd, but it does prevent food vendors from overcharging customers or not paying their taxes!