Ten Best Writing Apps in Windows 10

Some people might consider that writing is a tedious activity, demanding, and exhausting. It makes some people didn’t want to be a writer in the future. However, the writing process can occur for many people, such as students, teachers, or workers. Therefore, Windows provides several free writing applications that can help access and produce the best files, articles, searches, and Internet articles efficiently. You can also find and buy custom searches online in almost any science and style you want, as offered on the¬†graceguts.com site. It saves you a lot of work and time and allows you to practice writing a less responsible job.

writing process

Here are the ten best apps that help you to write efficiently in Windows 10;

ProWriting Aid

This app helps you scan your grammatical errors when writing. It will note some errors and suggest corrections. Therefore, you can provide the best quality writing of yours.


Grammarly is one of the best, if not the best, grammar controller on the Internet. It is quite flexible and is accessible for online editing of a wide variety of applications and uses. There is a perfect free version of Grammar to meet your basic writing needs. However, if you want more professional writing and more in-depth editing, you can upgrade to Grammarly Premium for a fee.


Freemind is only one of the best applications for writing research articles or university thesis. It serves as a writing and editing program and allows you to write your ideas creatively.


It is complex and allows different file formats, both simple and complex. These are toolbar icons, and the standardized and straightforward menus, but without the ribbon function, are provided in Word.


A well-designed article is an ideal target for any writer who has a design-related purpose in mind. This app provides many free layouts for design. Therefore, it is very accessible to everyone.

Google Docs

It is preferable to write articles or research that you consider distributed on the Internet, taking into account the ease with which they can be distributed online. It is a word count, which can be crucial when working on a word count goal.

FocusWriter typing on keyboard

If language immersion is a problem for you and you are not making as much progress as you would like in writing, you should participate in FocusWriting. It is not one of the best writing applications to work on your final task, but it will be somehow useful if you need to immerse yourself in writing full-time to formulate your ideas from scratch. It works more like writing on paper because it hides any other substance, like social media bait, and allows you to focus on available work.

MS Notepad

Some things can go wrong once you copy, type, or cut most word processors. It is the main reason why using MS Notepad for your research work or conventional faculty writing is the best idea for lyrics. After that, you will probably reproduce the sterile text for editing in your word processor.

WPS Office

It has properties almost similar to Word and is, therefore, relatively easy to use when writing. WPS’s valuable features are the simple fact that it allows you to work on branded documents and store them in the cloud.


AbiWord offers writing without distractions, and it’s better when you pay attention to simplicity. It is acceptable to write articles and blog posts, but maybe it is not too important to write books. The reason for this is that it has limitations in the ability to print trailers. It is quite popular and regular, but it is never as practical as you have to spend to get it.